The Iniquity and the Intractable

WARNING!!! There are mentions of torture, blood, deaths, and flashbacks. Read at your own risk!! This is the last time I’m warning you. Beyond this point, it’s up to you to read it!!!


The crunching of the leaves under her feet was the only sound she made when she ran. Her breaths were quick and harsh when blowing out of her mouth. Gunshots filled her ears as her body swerved to the right. Her ankle twisted making a sickening crack sound making her leg collapse and roll down the hill.

Her eyesight was swirling making her stomach shift and twirl inside. The redheads back connected with the trunk of the tree as her stomach made a groaning noise. Her mouth tasted like bile; covering her mouth with the palm of her hand. Crunching noises were heard from a few feet making her scramble from her position.

When she stood up, her vision swam making her feel like she’s on vertigo. Her leg screamed for her to sit down, but she couldn’t. They were coming for her. Her teeth snapped shut as she braced for the pain and ran. Branches snapped under her winter boots. The trees were surrounding her vision like they were closing around her.

Her red long curls flew across her face making her blind. A growl escaped her pink lips as she looked for a hair tie. On her wrist was a rubber band.

Good enough, she thought as her fingers caressed her frizzy locks and pulled it back. The redhead’s hair was tied back making her vision open. Her heart pounded against her chest and tears fell from her eyes. Her mind was showing her visions that she couldn’t tell if it was real or it was in her bruised mind.

Goggles, green lens, black liquid, syringe, cold metal tables.

The redhead whined as both of her hands went to her temple.

Husky voices, chuckles, the clattering of metal objects.

“Don’t worry sweetie, it’ll be all over. You’ll be perfect, Tessarie. You’ll be a masterpiece.”

A gunshot broke her out of her vision. Pain erupted on her thigh as a scream of agony arisen from her throat. Heavy footsteps surrounded her as the click and shuffle of guns were heard.

“Sir we found her. She’s in Algsilvus.”

“She got that far? How’s her condition?”

She could hear the deep voice. The way he spoke. As if he was gentle and calm. It made Tessa shake and crumble with tears falling faster than before. A sob escaped her lips as she clutched herself. Tessa wanted to go. She wanted to leave.

“Sir she’s-”

“Tessarie, don’t cry sweetie.” Her breath hitched making her nails dig into her skin. He was winning the fight, and she knew it right when she looked at him. The way his eyes glinted with care and misery shook her to the very bone.

An image showed up in front of her. A rough warm hand touched her cheek as she flinched. Her eyes averted up and widened. The same eyes looked down at her. Care and misery showed in his brown eyes. His brown hair was flown in front of his face with his side shaven and gray.

His creamed color skin made him look gently, baby-like. The man’s white collared shirt showed his muscles as if to scare anyone to step in the wrong direction. His pants hung around his waist with a belt supporting against his body.

The man crouched and caressed her cheek, brushing the grime off her face. “Oh Tessarie, look at the mess you made. I thought we got along fine.”

Got along?! Tessa screamed in her mind. A blubber escaped her lips as she tried to say something.

“Oh Tessarie, you broke the rules and you know what that means.” Her green eyes widened as she shook her head. “I’m sorry Tessarie, but rules are rules. This will probably teach you not to do that again.”

Tessa found it hard to breathe. She gasped and gasped for air, but nothing was coming through her lungs. Her hands grabbed her neck as she tried to sign to them that she got it, but she didn’t. Tessa wanted her freedom, and longing to get away from the laboratory. From that man. The man that crouched in front of her; taking her breath away. Causing her pain right in front of her with no mercy while tears fell down her face.

“What a beauty.” The man said amazed and reaching out his hand.

He was going to touch something, and Tessa knew what he was looking at.

“N-No don’t-” Pain erupted through her chest as she tried to scream, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t talk either. It made tears fall down faster. The man was going to touch something precious to her. Something he touched before and made her vulnerable.

He was going to touch her soul. He was going to damage it like he did before. It was white and pure, with black splotches from when he damaged it.

Tessa saw his hand reach out for it, trying to grasp it. His hand had black smoke coming out of the palm and fingertips. She was defenseless. He was going to harm her again, and again until she gives the right result. Tessa closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. She felt helpless. She is useless.

“No, you’re not.” A voice said in her mind.

Her eyes opened and gazed into the man’s cold stare. White smoke produced out of the palm of her hand. Her green eyes changed to pure white.

“Get off of me!” Both voices yelled out. An explosion of white spread across the forest making the men surrounding her fly back. There was no void with that man. Tessa sighed in relief as she quickly got up and ran away.

“I’ll help you, young child. I’ll help you from the madness you endured.”

“W-Who are you?” Tessa questioned hearing her voice for the first time. It was soft and hushed but raspy from using it to only scream and from running.

“No time to explain child, there is a cave to your right. Go into it and hide. I’ll direct you home.”

Tessa’s tense body released as she felt a wave of happiness wash over her. The word home caught her off guard. It felt so foreign to her that her heart felt heavy.

Her feet carried her body towards the little cliff that hid the entrance. She dropped down and stood near the entrance. It was dark and the sound of drops of water echoed to her ears. Her mind was telling her not to enter, but if she didn’t want to be captured then she had to go into the unknown cave. Her shaking body moved into the dark cave, unknowingly walking into the pitch-black cavern.

“Let me give you sight young child.” Her hand automatically lit up white fire? She screeched as she tried to wave it off her palm.

“No child, it won’t harm you. It is used to help you.”

She stopped waving her palm and held it out in front of her. Her body maneuvered around the large sharp rocks sticking out of the ground. The white fire on the palm of her hand was brightening the cave.

There were two pathways; one to the right and the one to the left.

“Take the right pathway, young child.”

Tessa did what the voice said and followed the path. Her footsteps echoed through the cavern. That’s when the path widened and showed a room filled with mirrors. Tessa looked to the right.

It was a while since she looked at herself, and she wished that she saw something exquisite. Red, frizzy curls tied up in a ponytail with bangs leaning to the left. Dull green eyes that should shine, but gave off a demeanor aura. Freckles that would be seen under the dirt and bruises on her cheek. Pencil-like arms and a white, thick strapped, tank top that was covered with splotches of red liquid staining it on her right side. Her arms had bandages from when they cut her skin or put the syringe through her bloodstream. Grey sweatpants that were covered with dirt on the knees and near her ankles. Her shoes were black winter boots. Tessa questioned where she got the black winter boots.

She looked awful like she went through a cat fight.

“Young child run!” The voice in her mind yelled.

Before she got to turn around dark mist shot out and hit her on her right side as she yelped. Her back skid across the cold, rough ground as her eyes glared up. Soon her eyes showed fear as she saw him.

He had the same clothing, but his white collared shirt was ripped at his abdomen. His brown hair was black and so was the side of his head, where white use to show. His eyes showed fury and rage. His brown soft eyes were bleeding and his teeth were clenched.

“I was nice to you. I made sure you weren’t hurt badly, and this is what you give me? I gave you a satisfying home, better than the people you were with before!” He bellowed as he approached her. She started backing up trying to get away from his intense stare. “They abused your power and abused your body. They were nothing, but rats scampering when they saw the cheese. They wanted to keep you for their pleasure, and I got you away from them. So who’s the bad guy?! Me? ‘Cause all I gave you-”

“You gave me cuts and hurt me!” Her voice cut through the stiff air like washing hope over his darkness. “All you gave me was pain and suffering. You-”

Dark mist washed over the man and his brown eyes were full of black. His breathing was labored and came out as heavy huffs. He stopped approaching Tessa and loomed over her like a god. Her arms shook as fear spread through her whole body.

You broke another rule, Tessa!” Two voices were in his voice as her pupils widened. “You’re gonna regret talking back to your master!”

“Be strong, young Tessa. I will guide you and try to help you the best I can.” The voice in her head whispered as the man charged towards her. “Stand up and hold out your hand. Let the light coarse through you and release it.”

Tessa did what she was told and closed her eyes. She felt hope and light. White light shot out of her palm and hit the man in the chest. He flew back and hit the glass mirror behind him.

“Run child!” Tessa turned around and ran as fast as she could. Her throat was burning as she felt her legs shake, but she had to brush it off. She needed to get away from the monster chasing after her.

“Tessa! I’m coming and it will hurt!” A booming voice echoed through the cave as her legs were running faster.

“Turn right!” The voice commanded as Tessa turned.

There was a light that made Tessa smile. She was going to get out of here. Her vision was blurry but wiped it with her bandaged arm. She could feel the sunlight warm her skin. The fresh breeze that would hit her pale skin making her shiver, but in happiness. Tessa was going to find her relatives and feel their warm embrace. Smell her aunts famous cocoa pie and her grandmother’s mouth-watering green bean casserole.

Her heart pounded as she was close to the exit. Even though her feet were arguing with running so much, she forced herself to run.

The sun hit her face making her body warm up from the cold cavern. The breeze hit her arms and made her shiver. Tessa smiled as she longed for this feeling. She couldn’t enjoy it for long as heavy footsteps were advancing towards her. Her legs went back to sprinting. She felt it hard to breathe even though the breeze was filling her lungs with oxygen.

The trees surrounding her was lessening in numbers as she knew that she was near civilization.

Her legs gave out and buckled as her forehead connects with the root of a tree. Her vision shifted making her feel like she on vertigo as a groan escaped her lips. Tessa tried to get up, but her legs deemed useless as it didn’t respond to her demands.

“No no no no get up! Please!” She panicked. Her legs felt numb and shaking. She overused her legs and now she’s suffering the consequences.

“Oh, what do we have here? Has the deer lost its legs?” A deep familiar voice cut through the air.

Tessa started breathing heavily as she crawled with her feet hanging behind her. She pulled her arms towards her body trying to get away from him. She was so close. Her dreams were right there, and now they’re going to be snatched forever. She wasn’t going to smell her aunts cocoa pie and her grandma’s mouth-watering green bean casserole. She wouldn’t see her relatives and feel their warm embrace.

A sob escaped her lips. She was going back to that bitter chamber. The chamber with iniquity and no light. Hope was shattered from her mind.

Tessa felt a hand grip her arm and turn her over at a fast pace. She laid face to face with a crazy grin and pitch-black eyes. Black soot was replaced with blood falling down his cheek and on her white tank top.

“Oh Tessarie, it seems that your plan failed and to your so-called mentor. Oh well! I guess you’re going back to the lab where your punishment will be determined by the doctors!” The man laughed.

Tessa tried to put up a fight. Her palm didn’t light up with white fire which made her growl. So she swung her arms trying to get him off of her. Her palm smacked the side of his face as his face turned to the right. A growl escaped the man lips as he brought his left hand to her cheek. Everything felt dizzy. Her mouth tasted metallic as she felt something trickle down from her lips to her chin.

“You’re so intractable, Tessarie. I didn’t think you were this stubborn, but I guess someone has to shatter that from you. You won’t be this strong-willed when I’m done with you, Tessarie.” His knees sat on her elbows as she winced in pain. “This will be the last time you stood your ground against me, Moris Achlys. So say your farewells to your hopes and dreams ‘cause they will be gone! I will make sure that they are never achievable. You’ll be broken.” His voice was hysterical and demented.

Moris brought his fist up in the air. Tessa’s eyes glimmered as a frown was shown on her pink lips.

I’m useless.

He brings his fist down, and everything blacks out.

Tessa’s eyes opened weakly as pain surged through her nose. Her breaths were shallow and weak. Everything was fuzzy, which made her confused. What happened?

When Tessa remembered, her brain hurt. Oh yeah, I tried to escape. It felt like she was being beaten with a mallet repeatedly. A groan escaped her lips as she tried for her eyes focused. When they did, her pupils widened.

She was back in the chamber. It was dark and freezing which made her shiver. There were bars separating her from the hallway and the room she’s in.

She tried to get up from her position, but failed and laid on her stomach. Her legs still shook when using it so they were rendered useless. Her whole body hurt.

“I’m sorry, this wasn’t supposed to happen, young child. I failed and now your hurt.”

“Nice try for comforting, but I’ll take it from here.” A voice from her left said. She turned her head and saw him. Moris Achlys. “I see that you’re awake. I’m glad that you are. How are you feeling, and I know you have a voice. I didn’t steal it from you, yet.” Moris asked as he crossed his legs.

The bars were the only thing holding Tessa back from attacking him, and well her legs too.

“Tired,” She croaked. It wasn’t her soft voice she remembered using. “In pain.”

“Well, that was your fault Tessarie. If you just followed the rules then you wouldn’t be in this condition. You see, what you do has actions that could harm others and yourself.”

Tessa was wondering how this was going to end. Probably not good.

“You killed a few of my men.” Her eyes widened. “When you launched that white attack towards me, you killed a few people. Now that’s money you’re throwing away Tessarie, which is bad for me, but probably good for you right?” He questioned pointing at her.

“Well if you think yes, you are wrong. 3 of my men are dead that could be going home to their wife and children. Kissing their foreheads and embracing them, but you had to take that away Tessarie.” Tears fell down her eyes as she imagined what he said. “You took their life away, and now their wife or husband is grieving and their children are missing a mother or father. You see what I’m saying here.”

“Shut up,” Tessa muttered as her lips quivered.

“You’re a cold-hearted killer, and you call me bad. I was trying to help you control that anger inside of you. That bloodlust, but here you are killing people left and right.”

“Shut up.” She said a bit louder as her nails dug into her palm.

“3 lives Tessarie. 3 lives. How much more are you willing to bring to the ground until you’re satisfied? Until you’re free and killing other people? As a mentor, I have to contain and make sure stuff like this never happens.”

“Shut up!” Tessa screamed as more tears fell down her rosy cheeks. Her eyes glared at his eyes.

Moris chuckled, “It also affects you because it means that the punishment gets worse. The doctors were planning on electrocution, but when they heard about your incident, they had to make it worse. Taking away lives, Tessarie is bad and should be punished.”

Moris kneeled down and touched her hair. He caressed his thumb on her cheek, getting the grime off her freckled face. His expression turned from care to a lunatic. Tessa felt her body shake as a whimper escaped her pink lips.

“Don’t worry Tessarie, it will be exciting to watch you struggle. So when you’re being punished, think about how you caused this because of your little escape plan.” He brings her face closer to his.

“This is your fault Tessarie. It’s your fault.”

I hope you liked this short story, and sorry for the first one being a warning one. So this is what the warning is going to look like. It will be in bold, and in large letters. So if you get triggered because you read this and you are commenting now, stop that! I put the warnings up there for everyone to see so no complaining.

To be honest, I didn’t expect for this short story to take so long. I really didn’t mean to and I’m sorry!

Anyway, please leave a comment if you think it’s great. Also if you want to see more of my work, follow me and if you don’t have a WordPress account you can put in your email. It will get you notifications on when I post and all that good jazz.

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That’s all I had to say so see you guys later!!!

This was written by the creator of this blog, Ty Bowen. Any type of copy and paste from this short story or stealing ideas from this original work will be plagiarism and must be cited. If not, then there will be consequences for your actions. This is an original work created by Ty Bowen and was written by her imagination and creativity. 

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