Welcome to The Imaginative Blog!! My name is Ty and as the creator, I personally greet you and thank you for deciding to go to this website. So if you don’t already know, this website is dedicated to writing that has been saved since the 5 years I started writing.

I also dedicate this blog to you all! Now you may be asking, Ty why are we included in the creation of your blog? Great question! So here’s a question for all of you wonderful readers. Are you tired of having to pay money for stories that are made from other people or a type of genre? Are you bored waiting for a story or short story to be made so you can read it? Well, this blog is the place you want to be in!


As a writer, the dedication and time making a story take a while, so to not have a lot of time used for stories and leave a big time lapse I’m putting short stories in here too! Let me be frank with you all, yes this is a new blog and could be a waste of time because it doesn’t have experience, but look at the bright side. I could change your mind with the work I post. A short story may catch your eye and you may find an interest in its connection with other short stories.

So without further adieu, explore the tabs above for the stuff I created! Oh, I almost forgot. If you want more depth on The Imaginative Blog, visit the about page on the tabs. I encourage that you look at it and read it for more explanation!

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